Deleted Files Not in Recycle Bin

It is well-known that Recycle Bin is a great feature in Windows computer. With it, people can delete files and folders with no worry of losing them permanently. Normally, if you want, you could restore files and folders from Recycle Bin whenever you need. However, it occasionally turns to another result. You might not find deleted files in Recycle Bin, which means the files are permanently deleted. How could it occur? The reasons are various, but you could check the following items. The solution to get back permanently deleted files is also described in the end.

  1. Recycle Bin Settings

Check your Recycle settings: Open Recycle bin> Click Recycle Bin properties. On the small new window, there are three options that you should notice.



1) File too large to recycle – Custom Size

If the file you deleted is too large, the Recycle Bin won’t be able to recycle it, and the file will be permanently deleted. So now we know that there is a maximal value of files in Recycle Bin. The value is generally reasonable, but in case it is modified to be too small, you should check the Custom size.

There is usually a default size for each disks, though may vary on different Windows computers. The value on the above figure is for Local disk: C on a Windows 10 laptop, and you may refer with your computer. In fact, Windows would warn whenever a file is to be permanently deleted. Please look carefully.

2) Choose not go to Recycle Bin

As you can see, there is an option that don’t move deleted files to Recycle bin but permanently delete them directly instead. It is possible that it is mistakenly selected on your computer.

3) Disable delete confirmation dialog

Delete confirmation dialog pops up when you delete files on PC or laptop. If the option is disabled, it would not cause big problem. However, when both custom size and confirmation dialog are modified, you may easily permanently delete files.

  1. Deleted not from hard drive

Recycle Bin only store files deleted from computer hard drive, so you won’t be able to find files deleted from following locations in Recycle bin.

1) External drive: SSD, HDD

2) Removable device: SD card, USB flash stick, mobile handset

3) Cloud drive/ network

  1. Shift+Delete

Advanced users are familiar with keyboard shortcuts. Shift+Delete, one of this kind of quick operations, allows users to permanently delete files instead of going to Recycle Bin. Of course, normally, a confirmation dialog should pop up warning that it would be a permanent deletion. Nevertheless, sometimes people may overlook the vital warning and click Yes.

  1. Problem occur after change on PC

Actually, as long as the deletion confirmation dialog is enabled, people could avoid losing data by look through the confirmation info carefully. Unfortunately, there are still some unknow reasons that may cause deleted files not in Recycle Bin. We may have to come up with solutions according to specific situations. This kind of problems often occur after changes on computer, on which we should pay much attention.

  1. Recover Files Permanently Deleted

Even though we could not find the deleted files in Recycle Bin, it is still possible to recover the permanently deleted files. Jihosoft Photo Recovery and File Recovery are excellent recovery tools for retrieving files, like photos, videos, Office documents, archive files, from PC local disk, external hard drive, SD card, USB flash stick, etc. Followings are some of their features:

1) Three main functions: Recover File, Create Image (for backup) and Resume Recovery (from previous scan)


2) Freely choose the files and formats you need to restore


3) Quickly and deeply scan the selected partition


4) Real preview: browse pictures in list and icon modes; watch videos with built-in player; listen to audio with full control



5) Recover files in good quality and well organization


Video demo: